Local Groups

Going along to your local group is a good way to experience the Mahayana Maha Ati approach. It is an opportunity to meet with your local community of practitioners and be introduced to the practice first-hand. Local groups are run by authorised Longchen teachers and dharmamitras and are open to anyone with a wish to explore the buddhist teachings.

The main practice is formless meditation and you will receive detailed meditation instruction from an experienced practitioner. As well as supporting those new to meditation, local groups offer inspiration and teachings from the Path of Freedom programme.

The format of the group varies slightly from place to place and details can be found on their respective sites. Most meet weekly for meditation practice and group discussion. Some run short courses at different times of the year.

Satellite groups meet purely for meditation. If your group would like a visit from a teacher, of if you would like help setting up a group, please contact the local group team for more information.


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