The events team changes from one event to another, but the teamleaders are somewhat more permanent…Here’s a bit about our current pair:

Events-Team-WL-scaled-cropped-150x150Wendy has been with Longchen since 2000. After a period training with the Theravadins and Tibetans in Northumberland and Scotland she encountered Longchen after moving to Kent.  Teamleader since 2011, she is currently in Oxford and tutors biology whilst building websites for a living.

Events-team-TJ-scaled-cropped-150x150Tobi has been coming to meetings of the local group in West London since 2007. After having had instructions from a more traditional Tibetan school In the Indian Himalayas, he was looking for a more Western approach to Tibetan Buddhism when he moved back to London and was very happy to find Rigdzin Shikpo and the Longchen Foundation. He joined as teamleader in 2013. He currently lives between London and East Sussex where he runs his own architecture practice together with a Dharma friend.

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