International groups


The Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Longchen e. V. was founded in Germany in 1994 as a sister organisation to the Longchen Foundation UK, with the aim to make the teachings of the Longchen Foundation Lineage available to German speakers. Rigdzin Shikpo Rinpoche is spiritual director of Longchen Foundation and regularly gives teachings in various places in Germany and has done so since 1993. His books and writings have been and are currently in the process of being translated into German. There are several local groups and an ever-growing community of teachers and students. The Buddhistische Gemeinschaft Longchen is a member of the umbrella organisation of Buddhist organisations in Germany, “Deutsche Buddhistische Union”.

As in Britain, the Indestructible Heart Essence path is taught in Germany, at present focusing on the Path of Freedom, the Lion’s Roar, Heart of the Buddha and Endless Compassionate Vision.

You are welcome to attend the appropriate courses in Germany. Rinpoche teaches in English with a translator while his principal German students teach in German.

For further information please contact Martin at Longchen Germany or visit the Longchen Germany website

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