Midsummer Sangha Weekend 2014

This year’s Midsummer Sangha Weekend was one for all the family. Group singing workshops and a Dharma Treasure Hunt on Saturday were followed by Calligraphy workshops and the Cafe Royale on Sunday.2014-06-21 15.52.39

Pat MacDonald led us all in a series of singing workshops, introducing a favorite Georgian melody with three voices. Through a carefully graded introduction, we all began to get to grips with our lines, although there were only two or three chances for everyone to practice together throughout the day. The final performance in the ganacakra itself was a thing of true beauty despite these limitations. No one had any idea that such wonderful harmony could emerge when on the spot! Thanks Pat. 2014-06-22 12.22.30

This year’s Dharma Treasure Hunt started in the shrine room and extended to the far end of the car park…by all accounts the little ones had a great time, not to mention one or two not so little ones…

Caroline Seymour introduced us to the art of calligraphy. Everyone had the chance to use a number of brushes and try out a number of works. A great time was had by all, especially when one of the male calligraphers stripped off his shirt to prevent ink splashes…! Thanks Caroline.
The Cafe Royale ended the series of celebrations with another teaching by Rinpoche and more feasting and entertainments.

Thanks to all who made this special event possible and to everyone for taking part and making it such a success.

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